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Why Thortech use Bimagrip

Bimagrip is a skid resistant surface ideal for steel ramps and decks. It gives shipowners, fleet operators, and port managers a low profile surface that can help drivers and pedestrians alike be effectively and safely loaded and discharged, whether conditions are wet or dry.

Two specific grades of Bimagrip are available – LS and LD, and they are designed to be effective for the majority of site conditions. The Bimagrip surface itself consists of top quality abrasion resistance aggregates. Through a mix of specifically formulated polyurethane resins, the aggregates are held together. The result is designed to offer something that is very durable, as well as strong and flexible.

There is also additional corrosion protection offered, via the steel surface being encapsulated by the Bimagrip’s resin system. This enables the steel substrate to have a longer service life.

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