Celebrating 15 years in business

Celebrating 15 years in business

Why use Bimagrip?

First of all, what is Bimagrip? Bimagrip is designed to provide a surfacing solution to areas where slipping or any loss of traction is a threat to either personal safety or performance. It has been designed to be applied to most surfaces and can reduce stopping time by as much as 30%. After being applied the surface will be available for use by traffic in as little as 2 hours. Bimagrip is capable of functioning after 1 application for long periods of time, unlike cheaper alternatives which will require reapplication much more often.

One of the primary features that make it a great choice is its flexibility. Bimagrip comes in two varieties, Bimagrip LS and Bimagrip HD. Bimagrip LS is more suited to large uneven surfaces that are intended for use by heavy traffic. Bimagrip HD is better for areas that feature less traffic such as pedestrian walkways or bridges. The thickness varies from 3 to 7 mm depending on the aggregate type required.

Bimagrip is designed to be as resilient as possible. To this end, it is made from a polyurethane primer, a fast-cure polyurethane adhesive compound and a special aggregate selected for its durability. It has been tested for fire safety and is approved in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC 61(67): Annex 1, Part 5 – Surface Flammability & Part 2 Smoke and Toxicity. Additionally, it is completely unaffected by water, oil, fuel and anti-ice salts. So not only does the Bimagrip material last for a long time, but it also protects the substrate it covers from wear. It is tested for abrasion resistance, anti-skid resistance and rs Clare friability.

Bimagrip will definitely save money in the long-run. The coverage costs will vary depending on the surface type, the size of the project and the type of aggregate chosen. It is intended for use as a one-time application that will last as long as the surface it has been applied to. This makes it much more efficient than alternatives that require frequent re-application. Since the surface is capable of being used within 2 hours it also minimises the downtime of the road or pathway to which it has been applied.

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