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How to Keep Bridges in Tip Top Condition in Winter

Watch out! Bridges are highly dangerous as they always freeze before roads do. This ice threat is a clear and present danger due to the way a bridge is constructed: the top, under surface and both sides of the bridge … Continue reading

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Tips to Maintaining your Drive this Winter

Worried your drive may find it difficult to live another winter? Here are some top tips to keep your drive in tip-top shape Edge the sides of your drive. This should involve removing the top two to three inches of … Continue reading

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How to De-ice your Car Effectively

  Waking up to a snow covered, ice-encased car in the morning is a nightmare. The Highway Code states that ‘you MUST be able to see, so clear all snow and ice from all your windows’ So, how do we … Continue reading

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How to Safely Drive Through Ice and Snow this Winter

Driving in snow and ice is almost inevitable in Britain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep control when the time comes. Before you begin driving, make sure your vehicle contains plenty of screenwash, a sleeping bag for emergencies, at … Continue reading

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How to Effectively Clear your Drive of Snow and Ice

Clearing snow and ice from your drive is one of the best ways to prevent slips and falls in winter, and help to avoid injuries such as broken bones or sprains. It is easiest to move the snow while it … Continue reading

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