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Why we use Thorgrip

Thorgrip provides excellent quality anti-skid surfacing with a cost-effective solution suitable to many everyday situations and applications. Application of Thorgrip means that it provides areas of safe access for anyone who uses those treated surfaces. What is Thorgrip? Thorgrip is … Continue reading

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Anti Skid Surface: Vital Safety Precaution on Ship Decks

Ship decks by their very nature are hazardous places to be. The combination of rolling walkways, wet surfaces and often crowded areas all meet to produce an area with a high likelihood of injury due to slipping. Whilst risk can … Continue reading

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3 Ways Urban Regeneration Helps Built Up Areas

Urban regeneration can help urban areas in a number of ways, not least through bringing increased economic activity to a place. As regeneration takes place it can draw greater levels of private investment into an area, as well as drawing … Continue reading

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The Advantages of Choosing Surfacing Specialists with CSCS Cards

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is a building industry initiative that allows individuals to show they have the required experience and training to safely do their job. It covers all facets of construction work, including surface specialists, and the … Continue reading

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Which to Choose – Resin Bonding or Resin Bound?

  Despite the similarity of the names, resin bonded and resin bound surfaces have different properties, suiting them to different applications. Although both systems comprise aggregates and resin, the way they are applied differs. Resin bonded surfaces are laid by … Continue reading

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When Are Helipads Used?

  While the concrete and H that marks a helipad may not be a common sight, they can be found in a variety of locations. The following are some of the places they are used. Hospitals Larger medical facilities may … Continue reading

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Why Make The Switch to a Resin Bonded Driveway This Summer

  Resin bonded surfaces, originally developed for motorway construction, are becoming increasingly popular for driveways. The process consists of spreading the surface with a high-strength polyurea resin, then adding a layer of gravel. A wide range of colours are available, … Continue reading

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What to Consider When Building a Schoolyard

What To Consider When Building A Schoolyard As everyone knows children have a lot of energy. All of that running and chasing can lead to accidents if the ground is not properly prepared. Here you will learn some of the … Continue reading

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Thorprint Surfacing

Thorprint is a safe, cost-effective and attractive method of surfacing. It is hot-applied and has very fast curing times. The minimal disruption involved in Thorprint application means that it is particularly suitable for situations that require traffic flow to be … Continue reading

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Resin Bonded Surface – A Guide to Cleaning and Maintenance

Resin-bonded surfacing is an ideal aggregate for patio, driveways, walkways and any location that experiences a high amount of traffic. This material is extremely durable and through the use of specialised epoxy binders, it will boast a superior longevity to … Continue reading

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