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Pontoon Bridge Facts

7 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Pontoon Bridges For those who do not know, a pontoon bridge is basically a floating bridge supported by boats or barges whose buoyancy determines the maximum load the deck can hold. It … Continue reading

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How Pontoon Bridges Work

HOW PONTOON BRIDGES WORK A Pontoon bridge, otherwise known as a floating bridge is a deck supported by floating pontoons. They are designed to meet the requirements of the location and the purpose they are meant to serve. Quite often … Continue reading

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Pontoon Bridges Through History

Pontoon bridges have a long history, which dates back to ancient times when they began being used for military purposes. They were first used in China nearly three thousand years ago. Examples Of Pontoons Being Used In Ancient Times Legendary … Continue reading

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Why Use Pontoon Bridges?

  The pontoon bridge is a surprisingly old idea, dating back to at around 1000 BC when it first saw use in ancient China. Simply put, a deck is laid across a series of boats – or ‘pontoons’ – set … Continue reading

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What is a Pontoon Bridge

A Pontoon Bridge, also known as a floating bridge, is historically a temporary structure often implemented by the military during wartime, who would often remove the bridge after they had crossed. The main principle is that the bridge floats, creating … Continue reading

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