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Anti Skid Surface: Vital Safety Precaution on Ship Decks

Ship decks by their very nature are hazardous places to be. The combination of rolling walkways, wet surfaces and often crowded areas all meet to produce an area with a high likelihood of injury due to slipping. Whilst risk can … Continue reading

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What Makes a Safe, Functional Bridge?

It’s easy to takes bridges for granted. After all, we can become accustomed to crossing rivers, valleys and other obstructions without long detours or wet feet. Much of that familiarity arises from the fact that bridges are safe and enduring, … Continue reading

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Thorgrip and Helipad Surfacing Are a Perfect Match

  Thorgrip provides safe helipad surfaces that include anti-slip coatings, and which are also oil and fire retardant. In addition, these accurate and colourful systems are designed to be extremely visible to all helicopter pilots. Thorgrip’s helipad surfaces are long-lasting, … Continue reading

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How Thorprint Can Keep Schools Safer

 Slipping and sliding on poorly-surfaced paths and outdoor spaces can cause serious injuries. This is of particular concern to schools and colleges, where large numbers of children and young people may be moving around quite rapidly. Even a surface that’s … Continue reading

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The Benefits to Using Traffideck

TRAFFIDECK™ Waterproofing and Anti-Slip Surfacing System is a polyurethane based membrane for use on parking decks, bridge and marine decks. Simplicity It has a whole range of benefits, not least that it is simple to apply, either by hand or … Continue reading

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Your Guide to Anti-Skid Marine Deck Systems

Anti-SkidAnti-skid coatings on ship decks are designed to enhance the frictional qualities of the surface. A combination of a resin adhesive and high friction aggregate result in the aggregate being bonded to a specific surface, such as the deck on … Continue reading

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How do Linkspans Operate?

Linkspans are a class of drawbridges designed to connect a ship to shore. They can assist the transportation of passengers, vehicles, or cargo. You will find most linkspans at ferry terminals where they attach to large vessels via a series … Continue reading

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The Advantages of Using Anti-slip Surfaces

The use of anti-slip floor surfaces in a home or other building is a smart choice for a number of reasons. A major advantage is that it creates a safer environment. In public buildings, this is important to avoid slips … Continue reading

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