Celebrating 15 years in business

Celebrating 15 years in business


Our driveways and patios are excellent value for money, safe and reliable. We offer a wide range of anti-slip and attractive finishes in multiple colour shades so you can improve the look of your property and increase its value. Your surface will be easy to clean, resistant to oils and won’t fade in sunlight meaning a long service life with minimal maintenance and a low whole-life cost.

Resin Bonded

Resin bonded surfacing provides excellent anti-slip and durability. The application is simple: after the existing surface has been prepared, the resin is applied and then the aggregate spread to finish. Resin bonded surfacing seals the surface it’s applied to, creating a highly textured finish.

This type of surfacing is ideal if you’re looking to create a rustic or heritage look. You can also customise your surface with a choice of colours, textures and designs. Either natural or pigmented aggregates can be used and Thortech uses Thorgrip among other high-quality materials.

Resin Bound

Resin bound surfacing has a much smoother profile, texture and appearance than a resin bonded surface. For this application, the resin is mixed with a compound and then laid on the prepared surface to provide the even result. Resin bound surfaces also have anti-slip properties.

This coating is also available in many different colours and designs so you can choose to suit your requirements. Plus, a variety of materials can be added to the surfacing, including recycled glass, pigmented and natural aggregates to create a more decorative look. Thortech uses high-quality Thorset™ among other high-quality products for the job.

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