Our bridge systems are among the most advanced in the world.

For parking decks, bridge, and marine decks, we use either Bimagrip or Thorgrip, Stirling Lloyd Product and anti–slip surfacing to provide a hardwearing and odourless finish. Bimagrip or Thorgrip are hand applied forming an elastomeric, waterproof membrane that provides a totally unique alternative to traditional, waterproofing techniques.

Our anti-slip and impact-resistant systems may be applied to steel, concrete and wood and are designed to manage large volumes of traffic. Whether you’re in need of a single or multi-layered system, our surfaces are also fast curing and will therefore, provide minimal disruption to opening.

Features and benefits include:

  • Unmatched system thickness
  • Instant setting membrane
  • Fast return to service
  • Durable
  • Low temperature application
  • Easy to apply by hand or spray
  • Resists chloride, automotive fuels and oil
  • Odourless

The development of these systems has also been geared towards being environmentally friendly. Thortech makes use of recycled materials where possible, safely deposing all used resin containers in conjunction with our current waste certificates and company policies.

Thortech can provide you with a non slip waterproof surface for a new build, or refurbish the existing surfacing. We remove old surfacing, prepare the substrate, and apply new surfacing.

Thortech have vast experience of working in areas where limited time is available, and quick turnarounds expected to avoid disruption of busy transport schedules.

Traffideck incorporates E5 Moisture tolerant Epoxy Primer , and a Polyurethane Grip 4000 Wearing Course System.This is usually dressed with Aluminium Oxide Aggregate. The grade will be determined by the type of traffic.

Bimagrip incorporates Acraprime Single Part Aluminium Primer, and a Polyurethane HD or LS Wearing Course System. This is usually dressed with an Aluminium Oxide Aggregate. The grade will depend on the type of traffic expected.

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