Bimagrip is a cost-effective surfacing solution for areas that are prone to slipping or loss of traction. We at Thortech understand that this can be a major threat to health and safety and performance. This is why we now supply and apply this surface coating for unbeatable prices.

Here are just a few reasons why people are choosing Bimagrip for their surfacing solution:

  • Bimagrip is designed to reduce stopping distances by as much as 30%
  • After just 2 hours of being applied to the surface, it can be used by the public (foot traffic, motor vehicles etc)
  • After only 1 application, it can last much longer than cheaper alternatives which require reapplication more often.

There are 2 versions of Bimagrip; Bimagrip LS and Bimagrip HD.

For areas that are used by heavy traffic, Bimagrip LS should be used. For areas that have less traffic (public walkways, bridges etc) Bimagrip HD would be the better option.

The thickness of the Bimagrip varies from 3 to 7mm depending on the aggregate required.

Bimagrip is made up of a polyurethane primer, a fast-cure polyurethane adhesive compound and the selected aggregate.

As safety is our number 1 priority here at Thortech, we have had the Bimagrip product endlessly tested for fire safety, flammability, smoke and toxicity (all approved in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC 61).

We have also tested for its effect with oil, water, fuel and anti-ice salts. All tests came back negative; Bimagrip was not affected by any of these substances.

We’ve also tested Bimagrip for abrasion resistance, anti-skid resistance and RS Clare friability. All came back with positive results!

Bimagrip will protect the existing surface it covers from wear and tear and will undoubtedly save money in the long run.

The cost of supplying and applying Bimagrip depends on the surface you will be laying the product on, the size of the area needed to cover and also the aggregate chosen for the project.

After a one time application, Bimagrip will last as long as the existing surface it has been applied to, this makes it more efficient than alternative products that would require re-application more often.

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