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MV Wilhelmine


Euroships wished to refurbish a damaged and worn out shipping vessel of its anti-slip properties. The vessel’s owners required a specialist flooring contractor to upgrade an old flooring system, Thortech Bridges and Marine Ltd were appointed to carry out 460m2 of anti-slip surfacing to the main deck area and the main deck to lower deck ramp on the MV Wilhelmine vessel.

The project was carried out and completed in February 2017.


The MV Wilhelmine is a RORO cargo ship built in 2012 operating under a busy shipping schedule, so optimum efficiency was required to complete the project once in layover.

In order to accommodate the many vehicles transported whilst maintaining maximum adhesion to the surface, RS Clare’s Bimagrip LS was chosen as it fitted specification and has performed excellently on previous projects for Thortech Bridges & Marine. The refit was carried out at The Damen Shipyard, Schiedam, Holland.


Thortech undertook the removal of the existing substrate by Hilti Breaker and Scarifier.

The steel deck surface was then prepared by enclosed shot blasting to Swedish standard SA21/2. Grinders were used for edge work to an SA3 standard. This was followed by the application of Acraprime. After initial curing of the Acraprime, the application of RS Clare’s Bimagrip LS System was applied and dressed with 3>5mm Guyanan Bauxite. After curing excess aggregates were swept off and ready for traffic 4 hours later. The project was completed to fit around the shipyards scheduled repairs to the vessel. With areas being trafficked at various stages of completion. These problems were overcome by some careful management and further preparation and repriming of areas prior to binder application. The stern door flaps were removed whilst the vessel was in dry dock. These were open blasted by the shipyard, then coated with Bimagrip LS on the quayside. Then dressed with 3>5mm Guyanan Bauxite, before being installed by the shipyard the following day.


Thortech completed the installation of the new deck surfacing in February 2017, despite the interlude of inclement weather; and an alternating schedule. The project was completed on time and now continues to work efficiently with daily heavy goods traffic on its new Thortech applied surface.

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