Celebrating 15 years in business

Celebrating 15 years in business

Why we use Bimagrip

Bimagrip provides excellent quality anti-skid surfacing with a cost-effective solution suitable to many everyday situations and applications. Application of Bimagrip means that it provides areas of safe access for anyone who uses those treated surfaces.

Bimagrip is a commercially economical surfacing solution for areas that are susceptible to slipping or loss of traction. Bimagrip is a product that is a three-component polyurethane based system, which can provide an extremely durable slip and skid resistant surface applicable in numerous situations.

Additionally, as this product can be used after just 2 hours of being applied, it is more cost effective because it means less downtime on the surface it has been applied to.

Hazards such as surface skidding, slipping or loss of traction are a threat to safety and performance during everyday use. Bimagrip is a solution that provides a durable and highly effective solution. No matter what surface, whether it be steel, concrete, asphalt or timber, Bimagrip is easy to lay, fast-setting and incredibly long-lasting.

The Bimagrip solution is a selection of high-grade abrasion resistant aggregates bonded with a blend of specially formulated polyurethane resins, created to give strength, flexibility, and long life durability.

The Bimagrip resin system is totally impervious and encapsulates the surface to give it added corrosion protection, extending the service life of the surface itself.

Bimagrip has become the solution for many bridge engineers, architects, and highways authorities looking for the optimum levels of safety and the lowest maintenance requirements for their structures. Bimagrip can also increase the safety on footbridges, steel decked road bridges as well as temporary and permanent panel bridges.

Additionally, the increasing focus on safety in the rail industry has meant that many unmanned level crossings are being replaced by footbridges. Bimagrip’s anti-skid surfacing is an ideal solution that increases the safety of pedestrians and cyclists accessing these bridges. Other applications for Bimagrip include station platforms, carriage washing aprons, and maintenance depots. This product has uses that can suit the needs of any company in providing a safe environment.

The applications that Bimagrip can be used on are numerous and Bimagrip has been designed to be as resilient as possible. Bimagrip is suitable in situations where a combined waterproofing and coarse wearing is required.

Bimagrip is a fast working product that will supply any company with a cost-effective solution towards providing safe access in many different scenarios.

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