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Why we Recycle Construction Material and Why You Should Too

    At present, the vast majority of construction waste ends up in landfills, with approximately 8,000lbs worth of landfill waste produced from the construction of each 2,000 square foot building. Waste generated through construction ranges from basic materials like … Continue reading

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The Changing World of Playgrounds

The world of playgrounds is long and varied. With time came a different ethos of play for children. Here’s a quick history on how things changed. The first playgrounds, as we know them today, took form between 1900-1920. These playgrounds … Continue reading

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Treat Your Home this Summer – Key Tips on How to Paint Your House Exterior

  Exterior redecoration gives quick visual results, and protects your home. When painting your house exterior, preparation is key. Choose quality paint and materials (filler, sander, primer etc.) as they last much longer. Low quality paint will not withstand the … Continue reading

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Bridges Used in Film

Bridges have featured in many films and are often used as a dramatic setting, whether it is as a place for lovers to meet, enemies to fight or for the despairing to jump from. Often, a real-life bridge is used, … Continue reading

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3 Ways Urban Regeneration Helps Built Up Areas

Urban regeneration can help urban areas in a number of ways, not least through bringing increased economic activity to a place. As regeneration takes place it can draw greater levels of private investment into an area, as well as drawing … Continue reading

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