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What Makes a Safe, Functional Bridge?

It’s easy to takes bridges for granted. After all, we can become accustomed to crossing rivers, valleys and other obstructions without long detours or wet feet. Much of that familiarity arises from the fact that bridges are safe and enduring, … Continue reading

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Maintaining Your Garden Decking

Garden decking is very robust, but it does need a little regular care. A mouldy deck not only looks grim, but it can also be a hazard if it makes the surface slippery, and it may be hiding some rotting … Continue reading

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Thorgrip and Helipad Surfacing Are a Perfect Match

  Thorgrip provides safe helipad surfaces that include anti-slip coatings, and which are also oil and fire retardant. In addition, these accurate and colourful systems are designed to be extremely visible to all helicopter pilots. Thorgrip’s helipad surfaces are long-lasting, … Continue reading

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The Bottle Which Launched a Thousand Ships – Ceremonial Ship Launching

  Seamen and sailors are notoriously superstitious, from Albatross sightings to whistling on deck. There are certain things that sailors will do to ensure they have a safe and profitable journey. These traditions begin as soon as a new ship … Continue reading

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Basic Kitchen Remodelling Tips

  The kitchen is a focal point for any home, and renovating it can feel daunting. It is important to think through exactly what you want and need, how you use the space and what that space can accommodate. A … Continue reading

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