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The Benefits of Resin Bonded Surfaces

Resin bonded surfaces use modern improved polymer and epoxy resin technology to provide a hardwearing surface covering. Bonded to concrete or tarmac and highly durable, the new surface also has a pleasing natural appearance similar to small stones. Resin bonded … Continue reading

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House Renovation on a Budget

Many homeowners see renovation as an opportunity to stamp their unique style on a property, but it can be a frightening undertaking if the budget gets out of control. Prudent renovators will add an extra 20 percent to the projected … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Ship Deck Safe

  It’s not for nothing that people say ‘Worse things happen at sea’. There are many hazards to guard against, and the deck of a ship requires particular care. Aside from the rolling of the sea causing an unstable footing, … Continue reading

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Why Use Pontoon Bridges?

  The pontoon bridge is a surprisingly old idea, dating back to at around 1000 BC when it first saw use in ancient China. Simply put, a deck is laid across a series of boats – or ‘pontoons’ – set … Continue reading

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DIY Painting Tips

Painting your house can appear to be a challenging task, but a few simple tips can make the job slightly easier to tackle. So, let us look at some of the most important pieces of advice to remember. Before beginning … Continue reading

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