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The Benefits or Urban Regeneration

As buildings age and decay, populations shift, and industries decline, there is a tendency for some inner-city areas to become run-down and depressed. This can lead to a vicious cycle; those who can afford it choose to move away, and … Continue reading

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How to Drive Safely in Windy Conditions

Massive storms have hit many parts of the UK this year, with blustery winds and heavy rain and hail having detrimental effects on road conditions and making driving difficult and unsafe. For those commuting to work and school, however, driving … Continue reading

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How to Best Pack for a Move

The best way to pack for a move is to make sure you are not packing anything which you know you really should get rid of. Once you have de-cluttered, you can be sure your valuable time and effort spent … Continue reading

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The Benefits to Using Traffideck

TRAFFIDECK™ Waterproofing and Anti-Slip Surfacing System is a polyurethane based membrane for use on parking decks, bridge and marine decks. Simplicity It has a whole range of benefits, not least that it is simple to apply, either by hand or … Continue reading

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Move House or Extend?

So, you are outgrowing your current home and could really do with the space an extra room or two could provide. Should you simply move to a larger house or stay put and extend? Both options can be relied upon … Continue reading

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