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Where and why are Helipads Used?

We’ve all seen them in the movies or on hospital dramas, but what are helipads and why are they used? Helipads are a small, flat area designed for helicopters to land on and take off from. They can be spotted … Continue reading

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How do Pontoon Bridges Work?

Pontoon bridges are a fantastic feat of imaginative engineering. Simply put, they consist of a section of road suspended on floating barges in order to facilitate the crossing of a body of water. They are typically used in situations where … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Colour – What Colour Should you Paint That Room?

When we re-decorate, our choice of colour should say something about us. We can’t keep changing it, so it’s important to get it right first time. If you’re looking for peace, plump for pink or lilac. Of course, green is … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Traffic Calming

An increasingly popular street measure, traffic calming enhances safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. This system of design and management strategies prioritizes the balance of street users. Traffic calming measures shift the idea of roadways being simply a thoroughfare for … Continue reading

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Thorprint Surfacing

Thorprint is a safe, cost-effective and attractive method of surfacing. It is hot-applied and has very fast curing times. The minimal disruption involved in Thorprint application means that it is particularly suitable for situations that require traffic flow to be … Continue reading

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